Automatic Shirodhara Machines

Shirodhara” is an ayurvedic form of treatment. The word “Shirodhara” is composed of two terms ‘Shiro’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning pouring in stream or smattering. It is an earliest Ayurvedic therapeutic practice which has been performed in India for about the last 5000 years. Shirodhara treatment has a massive blow to the nervous system. It instantly acts to cool and relax your mind and cleanses nerves. This therapy is tremendously beneficial for people dealing anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension. This magical herb massage relieves tension, worry, fear and headache as well as depression. It alters mood and gives feelings of enjoyment and relaxation. Shirodhara reduces excess vata and pitta dosha from the body.

At Aprasu Ayurveda, we believe in rendering only quality oriented services to our customers. We continuously make advancements in our services to serve our clients better. One of the advancements is an Automatic Shirodhara Machine at our Ayurveda centre. It is computerized in the intelligence that the convention built machine is proficient of maintaining down to the digit temperature setting and maintains an enormously steady oil flow (dhara) on the client. This machine allows the practitioner to strictly focus on the client which in turn provides the superlative desired results. It is assembled with the latest technology for efficiency.

Although this automatic machine may sound like a basic necessity, it is near unfeasible to attain the precision through customary methods. A traditional Shirodhara would involve steady heating / re-heating, uneven oil flow and usually needs 2 attendants to make the whole thing “fall into place”. This not only does create unnecessary stress, but the irregular changes and noise interrupt clients in relaxing and really enjoying the several remunerations of this aged old therapy.

Shirodhara is a warm and gentle therapy for your mind and body. At Aprasu Ayurveda, clients are welcomed to a private therapy room. In this atmosphere, you can loosen up and leave your tensions at the back for the time of your visit. Our experts will start off with a gentle face rub to prepare you for the oil therapy. Warm blankets and soothing gel, eye shields will be available for your relieve.