Kidney Protection with Ayurveda

Kidney failure is also identified as renal deficiency. It is a disorder in which a person’s kidneys
unexpectedly become unable of excreting waste products and toxins from the blood.
The kidneys lose their capacity to abolish surplus resources and help balance fluids, electrolytes and
manage production of red blood cells in the body. These problems occur instantly and within a short
period of time. The symptoms are complicated to identify.
A synthetic procedure–kidney dialysis–is implemented to execute all the functions that were completed
naturally by the kidneys. Kidney dialysis excretes injurious toxins from the bloodstream and maintains
an appropriate level of useful fluids and enzymes in the body.
There are permanent treatments for kidney failure in Ayurveda with satisfactory results.
Causes of Kidney Failure:
1. Blood flow reduction to the kidneys
2. Sensitive dehydration
3. Persistent burns
4. Liver break down
5. Cardio diseases
6. Extended use of antibiotics and painkillers
7. Kidneys injury due to physical damage
When the urine drainage pipe gets sterile, the blockage leads to difficulties in abolition of surplus
products from the body in the form of urine.
Symptoms of Kidney Failure:
 Change in taste, one feels metallic taste
 Disinclination to consume protein rich foods such as kidney beans, oats, meat, eggs, dairy
 Shivering commotion
 Increased or decreased urination
 Observation of blood in the urine
Herbs for Kidney Failure:
Ayurveda explains many herbal treatments for kidney failure. Although there is no satisfactory
treatment in allopathic science other than dialysis and kidney transplant, Ayurveda has a lot of herbs for
kidney failure which work quite well. Punarnava, Kaasni, Varun, Gokshur, Palaash, Rakt Chandan are the
most powerful treatment for curing kidney disorders and kidney stone.
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