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Elakizhi or Patrapotala Sweda is a sudation practice in Ayurveda treatments. It is a highly rejuvenating treatment similar to Navarkizhi, except herbs are used in place of rice. Fresh leaves of anti-Vata plants, such as Eranda (Ricinus communis), Arka (Calotropis Procera), Nirgundi (Vitex negundo), Rasna (Pluchea lanceolata), Coconut leaves, lemon, and curcumin are fried with herbal ingredients and tied into cloth boluses. These are dipped into warm medicated oil and used for massaging the body. The treatment begins with the application of suitable medicated oil to the entire body. The massage with heated boluses induces profuse sudation, which helps in the fomentation process.

The leaves which are having Vata pacifying property are collected freshly. Most commonly used leaves are leaves of tamarind, Calatropis gigantic, Ricinus communis, drumstick, Vitex nigundo, Adatoda vasica etc. They are chopped and mixed with grated coconut, lemon, turmeric rock salt etc. depending on the condition. The mixture is fried in plain sesame oil or other medicated oil as per the requirement. They are divided into four equal parts and tied in a linen cloth in the form of boluses. These are kept in a vessel containing the oil used to fry the ingredients and the vessel is then heated. An Abhyangam (a gentle oil massage) is given for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then the massage is given with warm boluses. The boluses are applied over the body in seven different postures. Care should be taken that throughout the procedure the temperature is maintained at around 46-degree centigrade by reheating the bolus over the hot vessel. After the procedure, the body has to be covered with a thick blanket for about 30 minutes. Then one has to take shower with hot water.

Duration of treatment: 60 minutes


·         Improves blood circulation

·         Improves skin complexion

·         Increase  muscle strength

·         Relieves body pain and stiffness

·         It is anti-aging and rejuvenating

Patra Pinda Swedam is effective in the following conditions:

·         Neurological disorders

·         Arthritis

·         Myalgia

·         Chronic back pain

·         Sciatica

·         Spondylosis

·         Lumbar spondylitis

·         Cervical spondylitis

·         Sprains and cramps

·         Neuralgia

·         Sports injuries

·         Post-traumatic dysfunctions