Anti Ageing

Panchakarma ayurvedic centre in rohini delhi India

Anti-aging treatment clinic

Relax and Rejuve Program
Ideal for enhancing immunity, and for rejuvenation. It is believed that Rasayana was the secret of the long lives of the sages of yore. This program keeps one in a state of “Niraamaya” – freedom from ailments.
Duration: 90 min daily. Minimum 5 days
Paada Mardhanam
Jeevaniya Sushumna
Pathrapinda Swedanam
Daily Yoga 60 minutes (per room)
General Guidelines
Ayurveda treatments are highly personalized, the exact treatments and medicines could only be finalized after a detailed consultation with the doctor.
The treatments given may vary according to the body constitution and requirements of the individual.
Male therapists will attend to gentlemen and female therapists will attend to ladies for all massages and therapies.
Please attend Ayurveda therapies following diet and lifestyle regimen as advised for optimum results.
For women: Certain therapies included in the program are contraindicated for women during their menses. Women are advised to schedule the program safely outside of the menstrual period.
Diet and lifestyle regimen during the program
Drink minimum 2 liters of water including other fluids per day.
No cold food and drinks to be consumed.
Rest and relax for 2-3 hours after the treatments. No sunbathing, no swimming, avoid exposure to rain and cold draughts immediately after therapy.
Smoking, alcoholic drinks and fizzy drinks need to be avoided.
Avoid any kind of physical exertion and long distance traveling.
Avoid sleeping during daytime and staying awake at night.
Prescribed Ayurvedic diet menu needs to be followed with an emphasis on vegetarian food.